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Protecting Your Vision in the Digital Age

Great article on Exposure to Blue Light from Digital Screens written by Sean Moloughney and posted on “Traditionally an area of focus for people later in life, maintaining healthy eyesight remains a top concern that extends to consumers across the age spectrum. Many experts today are concerned about the long-term health implications of overexposure… Read More »

Importance of blocking shorter wavelength light up to 420nm for long-term eye health – Study by Prof. Funk

Regardless of weather, sunny or cloudy, our eyes are constantly damaged by sunlight. It is well-known that our eyes should be protected from damage by ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are one part of the shorter wavelength light in sunlight in Fig. 1). Because the shorter wavelength light of 400nm-420nm, which we call high energy violet… Read More »

What’s your BLUE?

What’s your Blue Light User Exposure? Take our quick survey. How many hours in total per day do you spend on a computer/laptop, tablet, smartphone, video game and/or television? How many hours per day do you spend indoors (both at home and office) under artificial lighting (CFL or LED)? How many hours per day do… Read More »

extreme blue light defense diagram

Blue Defense Extreme

Introducing Blue Defense Extreme Digital PAL Selective UV Blue Light Filter. Custom Made Performance for the Life of Today! A long day in the office, later some sports or checking the internet afterwards – modern life has high requirements on our eyes. Life is faster than ever – a lot of digital information is challenging… Read More »